Welcome to the Warren Central Junior "7th Grade Band" Page!

Parents and students,

Congratulations on finishing your first year in band!

Before making any final decisions about your band membership in seventh-grade, your band directors want you to be aware that junior high band does not conflict with any other activities at school.  If you are signed up for band it meets as its own class first-period each day and does not meet on top of choir or sports. Other sports and activities take place at different times during the day.

At Academy of Innovation there are two elective hours.  If you have band in the morning, then you take the elective wheel at the other elective hour.    

At the Junior High there are also two electives.  If you have band at the morning elective, there are other electives to choose for your second elective.

At both schools, choir and sports, robotics, and the like, meet at a DIFFERENT time of the day from band, so there is no reason to have to choose.

Now that you have completed beginner band, you have only just begun your band journey.  We look forward to seeing you continue band in Seventh-grade!

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